Here are a few comments from Karey’s current clients:

“Karey’s help was key to getting me through a tough transition in my life. After the loss of a good friend, I struggled to let myself get close to others again. I was a guarded. She helped me break bad habits and replace them with a positive mindset. She was a great mix of though love and support. I can say today that I have achieved all that I wanted with her coaching and guidance to include a new home, husband and a healthy baby boy on his way! Thank you!”
-Katie Sonnie


“Karey has been my spiritual coach for two years. She has ethically guided me to to see my truth. To understand how I can improve my situation and health by working on the ethereal plan and shifting my energy. She taught me the connections I have to the universe and the universe to me. My life is hugely changed in all good ways through the teachings of Karey.”
-Billie Erickson

“Karey excels at bringing perspective into relationships.  She can see challenges, transitions and shines light so we can understand the undercurrents, dynamics and truth. This awareness is the key to making intentional choices.”
-Lee Parisot

“I was given the wonderful opportunity to have a session with Karey.  I must say she changed my life!  She was able to confirm many things that I had felt in my spirit, and also help me to clear blocks and negative energy that had been plaguing me all of my life.  Please do yourself a favor and have your life blessed by having a session with Karey!”
-Bonnie M.

“Emerson says, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Karey has special and unique skills. She has access to the keys that enlighten road maps to the expression of our true heart inside.  She is my Fairy God Friend and has forever changed the way I enjoy life.”
-Helena Humphrey

“Karey coached me through a very nasty court hearing concerning my separation and divorce. She was right there every step of the way and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. Every time I talk with her she makes me feel better. She is the real deal for helping folks move through stressful situations. As far as moving beyond the hellish experience of divorce, she has me on the straight and narrow to happiness and well being. I mean real, happy ever after, kind of happiness that I did not know was possible.  I will be forever grateful.”
-Relieved in NC

“Karey has been giving me advise and helping me on my spiritual path of enlightenment for some time now.  She is always caring and compassionate.  I have always felt she desires to help and sends love with her messages.”

“Karey’s incredible abilities which have assisted me over the last few years to survive and thrive through some difficult and challenging times.  She has told me some far fetched things and I really questioned her but she always ended up being correct. She has an incredible gift and talent to see and communicate the unseen energies of people and situations into a valid strategy for living well.I feel very blessed she is in my life.”
-Jill Jackson