Time Travel

Time Travel

Past Present and Future


Time Electric

Past lives can be an interesting key to understanding our patterns, habits and relationships in this life. Living THIS life by design vs. living by default is important when exploring this technique. I facilitate to focus on awareness for understanding ourselves from a soul perspective.

Actually, you don’t have to believe in reincarnation for time travel to be a success!  This is soul travel, interpretation and creation vs. religious debate.

We all have energy patterns at a soul level that can be translated with story. We can change the stories allowing the feelings, beliefs and energy dynamics within us to shift in positive ways.  This can be done as a reading that I explain to you as I channel it or as an interactive hypnotherapy session that you can experience first hand.  I can use intuitive healing while you are in trance to move things along quickly or we can take our time allowing you to be in control of all the components of recreating your story.

Present time can be observed or altered in this way.  Ethereal Communication can be successful for now and in the future.

Time Grid

Future time is always moving as our choices and the choices of others dictate the outcomes. Like it or not, Creator made earth a free will planet!  We can work with and create the future by understanding the current trends and options for outcomes.




Time Travel (more details)
1 one-hour soul exploration (reading or hypnotherapy)
Price: $150.00